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hybridcity.art is initiated by a network of curators, researchers, artists and cultural producers with long experience in researching, producing, contextualizing, maintaining and evaluating media art and moving images in the urban domain.

Art Republic (Stavanger, Norway) is a platform dedicated to art and new technology in public and online space. The platform explores the expanded cinematic experience and run the Screen City Biennial dedicated to presenting the moving image in public space.

Film Capital Stockholm (Sweden) is running Smart Kreativ Stad,  an innovation project exploring new perspectives on moving images in the public space. The project is funded by the EU and municipalities in Stockholm and runs from 2015–2020.

Public Art Lab (PAL) is a Berlin based action research platform for urban media art that investigates, curates, and produces artistic projects in the urban public sphere at the intersection of media arts, urban planning and creative technologies. PAL is specialised in creative citymaking, citizen science and connecting cities that empower social interactions.

Urban Media Art Academy is an interdisciplinary and networked educational initiative that investigates and intermediates ‘urban media art’ in relation to processes of change in local and global urban contexts today while seeking to qualify thoughtful, ethical and sustainable artistic and curatorial practice with art.


Dr. Tanya Toft Ag, Curator and researcher, co-founding director of the Urban Media Art Academy
tanyatoft at gmail.com

Daniela Arriado Director Art Republic & Screen City Biennial, Stavanger Norway
post at artrepublic.no

Geska Helena Brecčević, Artist and Artistic Director of Smart Kreativ Stad, Film Capital Stockholm
geska at filmcapitalstockholm.se

Susa Pop Co-founding director of Public Art Lab and the Urban Media Art Academy
susapop at publicartlab.com

Dr. Annika Wik, PhD and researcher Smart Kreativ Stad, Film Capital Stockholm
annikawik.se at gmail.com