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The coalition for hybridcity.art works to support artistic expression and creation with (urban) media art and moving images, to promote critical cultural participation and offer art-anchored perspectives on more inclusive, sustainable urban development.

The coalition:

  • Connects artists, curators, cultural producers, community stakeholders, arts administrators, politicians, architects, city planners, real estate owners, technology providers, field partners and communities to make public art happen in nexuses between fields and competence
  • Supports emerging and established artists dedicated to create challenging and inclusive urban media art and moving images independently, in co-creation and co-commission with other fields and actors
  • Shares articles, project examples and practice methodologies across disciplines to further interdisciplinary and global orientation in art in the hybrid city
  • Develops urban-anchored research methods and good practices and works towards generating, bridging and transferring knowledge between artists, urban stakeholders and technological innovation bodies

Provides professional expertise as well as guidance, tools and resources needed to develop urban media art and moving images in urban contexts and communities